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Season Goals

As your kids' coach, maybe for their first ever team experience, my goal first and foremost is that everyone have fun and leave wanting to be apart of a team again. Whether in baseball, another sport, or another activity in music or school, it's important for our kids to want to thrive in an environment with their peers. Through failures and success, wins and losses, our kids will leave knowing they tried their best and helped their teammates grow and succeed.

Have Fun#

The most important role I have at this early stage, is keeping the kids engaged. The best way to do this is to have a lot of fun. By focusing on the fun, we can make all the players want to come back year over year for more team activities.

Stay Active#

One of the best ways to keep the kids engaged and having fun, activities. If you are used to playing baseball, remember that we have to go all the way back to the basics. Our "drills" will be fun activities that work towards these basics while making sure the kids are having fun.

Basic Skills#

Definitely don't want to lose sight of the sport we are playing, but major baseball skills won't really be the focus so much as the basics (which way to run, how to throw, how to swing, where to stand, where to throw when you get the ball). The goal is to make our fun activities deliver these core basics while getting them wanting to come to practice and participate.

P.S. Catching is a skill that they are just learning. We'll work on catching, just keep in mind that our kids are just learning to focus both eyes on the same target, and it can take some longer than others to get there.

Next Steps#

I am coaching both of my kids' teams, one 5U Tee Ball the other 7U Coach Pitch. Based on the team your kid is playing on, you can jump to the appropriate next section.

5U Tee Ball - Team 8

7U Coach Pitch - Team 11