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7U Coach Pitch - Practice 3 (6/16)

Practice Sequence#

Following is the sequence we will use for practice.

Ball Tag (5 Minutes)#

Talk about the fundamentals of getting an out by tagging the runner. Start with Coach tag, then with players. This time using the bases as "safe base".

Warm-up/Stretching (5 Minutes)#

Big league base running (5 Minutes)#

Silly Running

Throwing Fundamentals (10 Minutes)#

  • Line up along baseline
  • Glove Pointing to Target, Arm Outstretched, Fingers on Top
  • Elbow High, small stride to target, follow through
  • Throw for distance

Scrimmage (25 Minutes)#

We'll divide into two teams and start actually scrimmaging a little. On deck batter will start with some tee work, all other players stay in the dugout. Explain rules to kids

  • no lead-ofs, no steals, cannot leave base until ball is hit
  • each player gets 5 pitches, no matter if they are balls or strikes
  • after 5 pitches, the hitter gets one chance off the tee
    • this is not a punishment but just a way to keep the game moving
  • if you are out, you need to come of the bases and return to the dugout


  • Hit soft balls into fence from soft toss, work on hands together on bat, swing hard
  • No more than 5 swings and then rotate