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5U Tee Ball - Practice 4 (6/23)

Practice Sequence#

Warm-up/Stretching/Ready Position (5 Minutes)#

Catching & Throwing (10 Minutes)#

  • Line up along baseline
  • Start with no glove and playground ball, eyes on ball, catch with hands
  • Glove Hand Pointing to Target, Arm Outstretched, Fingers on Top
  • Elbow High, small stride to target, follow through
  • Next, move to small soft ball, same drill
  • Put glove on, emphasize thumb down, glove at chest, catch with 2 hands
  • Throw for distance

Big League Baserunning - Sharks and Minnows (5 Minutes)#

Stations (10 Minutes)#

Station #1 - Hitting (5 swings per batter, 2 tees)#

  • Hit soft balls into fence, work on hands together on bat, swing hard
  • No more than 5 swings and then rotate

Station #2 - Fielding#

  • Kids pitchers mound
  • Adult at 1st base
  • Talk about fielding the ball and then throwing to first
  • Coach near home plate, rolls ball to player player fields and throw to first

Scrimmage (15 Minutes)#